Leave No Trace Ireland is governed by a Board of Directors and by the terms of the organisation’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. Leave No Trace Ireland is a non-profit company limited by guarantee (CRO: 465628). Our registered charity number is 20082178 and charity number (CHY: 20657).

For the current Strategic Plan period (2016-2021), Leave No Trace Ireland has adopted the following priorities:

  1. To provide informed and enjoyable educational programmes on responsible and sustainable outdoor recreation throughout the island of Ireland.
  2. To undertake, collate and publish research that underpins and informs our education programme which will inform our decision and policy making in outdoor recreation.
  3. To be the first port of call for statutory and non-government organisations interested in responsible and sustainable outdoor recreation.
  4. To be financially sustainable, administratively effective and meet relevant codes of good governance for charities on the island of Ireland.
  5. To provide a range of high-quality services for partners, volunteers and supporters to facilitate informed and enthusiastic communication of the Leave No Trace message through a robust, self-sustaining and comprehensive network.

The Board agree the strategic direction of the organisation and the CEO and staff team deliver it. You can read more about Leave No Trace Ireland staff and our current Board on this website and download our Strategic Plan on this page.

There are three subgroups of the Board, namely the Education and Research Group, Corporate Governance Group and the Communications and Engagement Group.

Board of Directors

Education & Research Group (ERG)

The purpose of the Leave No Trace Ireland Education and Research Group is to provide advisory services to develop the Leave No Trace Ireland education and research programme.

Corporate Governance Group

The purpose of Leave No Trace Ireland’s Corporate Governance Group is to ensure financial accountability and full compliance and transparency of the organisation with best practice in the sector.

Communications & Engagement Group

The purpose of Leave No Trace Ireland’s Communications and Engagement Group is to develop and oversee the organisation’s communications and engagement programme, and to provide advisory assistance to the Board and staff of Leave No Trace Ireland.

Annual Reports

Leave No Trace Ireland is committed to transparency in relation to finance and governance. We have prepared this page to provide you with an overview of our financial statements, organisational activities and compliance. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our team at info@leavenotraceireland.org.

You can download and read the Annual Reports which include our Audited Financial Statements to learn more about our successes and accomplishments in prior years. If you have any questions, or queries, please contact info@leavenotraceireland.org.

Leave No Trace Ireland Annual Report 2020
Leave No Trace Ireland Annual Report 2019
Leave No Trace Ireland Annual Report 2018
Leave No Trace Ireland Annual Report 2017
Leave No Trace Ireland Annual Report 2016
Leave No Trace Ireland Annual Report 2015

Strategic Documents

Leave No Trace Ireland Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Impact Report

Governance Documentation

Board of Directors
Board members receive no remuneration for their role. They are reimbursed for vouched expenses for Board duties, including attending Board meetings, only.

Annual Audit
Leave No Trace Ireland prepares its accounts in line with the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP), and because of this, all income received in a year must be recognised in the same financial year. You can view our audited accounts in our Annual Reports.

 Tax Compliance
Leave No Trace Ireland is fully tax compliant and has an up to date Tax Clearance Certificate from Revenue (copy available on request).

Charities Governance Code
The company delivers its duties and discharges the full range of corporate governance responsibilities as required by company law. Leave No Trace Ireland is compliant with the Charities Governance Code, issued by the Charities Regulator in late 2018.

Leave No Trace Ireland Complaints Policy

Child Safeguarding Statement

Privacy Statement

Statement of Fundraising

Leave No Trace Ireland Good Governance