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The increase in outdoor recreation is threatening Ireland’s most sensitive habitats but through effective management we can help mitigate this risk. Our ambition is to reach all stakeholders and individuals across Ireland – but we can’t do this alone. Please support our organisation.

By becoming a member of Leave No Trace Ireland, you are not only supporting the Leave No Trace programme but are actively contributing to the protection of Ireland’s shared outdoor spaces.



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Leave No Trace at individual membership is for those who support the Leave No Trace message and ethos.



Community membership is for all voluntary groups and those organisations without a formal structure.

Accredited Trainer


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A Leave No Trace Ireland Accredited Trainer is an individual who is committed, in partnership with Leave No Trace Ireland, to delivering quality tuition through Leave No Trace training programmes and adhering to the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace in their work practices.

Accredited Training Centre


per annum

A Leave No Trace Ireland Accredited Training Centre is an organisation (training centre) that has, in partnership with Leave No Trace Ireland, undertaken to provide quality tuition in Leave No Trace Principles.


Tiers 1-2


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Organisation membership is for all registered charities, non-profits and small businesses whose annual turnover is less than €500,000.


Corporate membership is for any organisation with an annual turnover €500,001 or more.