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The Love This Place campaign aims to change behaviours outdoors by raising awareness of our impacts and what we can do to make a difference.

When getting outdoors this summer, use the Leave No Trace Principles to get outside responsibly.

Below, you’ll find:
more info on this project in About The Campaign, including our partners; our Leave No Trace Skills is full of really useful resources to develop your skills for the outdoors; and in How To Support you’ll find our campaign Toolkit and all our resources for sharing the Love This Place message far and wide

About the Campaign

Learn all about our national public awareness campaign ‘Love This Place’.


Leave No Trace Skills

Find all our resources on how to get outside and minimise our impacts when outdoors

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How to Support

If you want to support our message, you can find our campaign media assets here.

Ireland is such a special place to call home. Everyone who lives and travels here becomes a steward of the land and has a responsibility to protect it. The Leave No Trace Pledge is a commitment to minimise one’s impact by adopting the Leave No Trace ethos into their lives.

We have an amazing catalogue of videos all about Loving This Place by Leaving No Trace. Check out our Videos section to watch and learn more

Leave No Trace Pledge

By making the pledge, you are making a conscious effort to adopt the 7 Principles into your life.


Watch our campaign videos for advice on litter, responsible dog ownership, fire and more...