The Love This Place Campaign encourages people to do their part to protect nature in Ireland

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Celebrate Love This Place Day on the 28th of July

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Love This Place

Our outdoor spaces need our love and respect
Here are 5 simple steps we can all promise to make this year to Love This Place:

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Keep Ireland Litter Free

My Simple Actions for Keeping Ireland Litter Free:

I will bring home everything that I bring with me into nature

I will leave nature better than I find it, by picking up litter that I find

I will encourage my family and friends to do the right thing

My Simple Actions for Protecting Our Wildlife:

I will let wildlife stay wild and will not feed wild animals

I will respect that animals need space and keep my distance from them

I will share nature with animals, and will not intentionally damage their habitats

Protect our Wildlife

Stick to the path to protect our land and coast

My Simple Actions to stick to the path to protect our land and coast:

I will stick to established pathways and trails to reduce erosion and damage to vegetation

I will go where there is permission and follow the rules of the landowner

I will research my trip and plan an activity that matches my skill-set

My Simple Actions to be responsible with our dogs:

I will keep my dog on a lead in public places, unless in an area where off-lead dogs are permitted

I will bring my dog to dog-friendly places, acknowledging that upland areas are working farms, and that many beaches are dog-free during the summer

I will keep all animals safe, including my dog, by keep my dog under control in the wild or near farms

Be Responsible with our Dogs

Embrace our Island and Cultural Heritage

My Simple Actions to embrace our island and cultural heritage:

I will be part of the collective effort to keep Ireland beautiful, and will be proud to showcase it to international visitors

I will preserve our island’s monuments, statues and heritage and not deface them with graffiti

I will respect the local people and landowners living and working at the places that I visit

I will park responsibly ensuring local and emergency access

Every city, town, or village
Every park, woodland or mountain
Every river, lake or beach

I promise to

Love This Place and Leave No Trace

Show your support by making the promise to protect this incredible place we get to call home by leaving no trace

Enter your name, download the #LeaveNoTracePledge Image to your phone or laptop and share on social media to show your support

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National Love This Place Day 2024

Celebrate Love This Place Day on the 28th of July

Love This Place Day is a day to celebrate the simple actions we can all take to protect Ireland’s outdoors

Use our Leave No Trace Ireland Skills & Resources to plan a day of giving back to nature

Whether heading to the hills, out onto our waterways, or down to your local park, we have skills and resource packs that can help you get the most out of your time outside, while protecting nature and showing that you #LoveThisPlace

On National Love This Place Day we’re asking everyone to share their #LoveThisPlacePromise on social media to inspire others to take action!
Big or small, any action that raises awareness and gets more people involved and engaged in protecting outdoor spaces is something you can share as part of this campaign.

Make sure to keep an eye out on social media for ways to get involved and share your projects and ideas!

About the Campaign

Learn all about our national public awareness campaign ‘Love This Place’.


Leave No Trace Skills

Find all our resources on how to get outside and minimise our impacts when outdoors

Love This Place Leave No Trace 2

How to Support

If you want to support our message, you can find our campaign media assets here.

Ireland is such a special place to call home. Everyone who lives and travels here becomes a steward of the land and has a responsibility to protect it. The Leave No Trace Promise is a commitment to minimise one’s impact by adopting the Leave No Trace ethos into their lives.

We have an amazing catalogue of resouces and videos all about Loving This Place by Leaving No Trace. Check out our Leave No Trace Skills section to watch and learn more.