When you are visiting the outdoors - remember to practice the Leave No Trace principles.

About the Campaign

Learn all about our national public awareness campaign ‘Love This Place, Leave No Trace’.

Leave No Trace Pledge

By making the pledge, you are making a conscious effort to adopt the 7 Principles into your life.

Leave No Trace Skills & Ethics

Find out how to minimise your impact when you are enjoying the outdoor.

Love This Place Leave No Trace 2

How to Get Involved

If you want to support our message, you can find our campaign media assets here.

Leave No Trace Outdoor Checklists

Check out our useful checklists to help you plan your outing.


Watch our campaign videos for advice on litter, responsible dog ownership and fire here.


Get Met Eireann weather forecasts for national parks and other conservation areas as well as severe weather warnings, the brief mountain forecast and other weather bulletins.


Fire Warnings

Check the current fire warning here before heading off on your adventure.


Get the right map for your trip. Find out what maps are available and where to buy them so you can adequately plan for your trip.

Covid 19 Guidelines

Find Your Activity

If you’re in search of some adventure inspiration, Sport Ireland has an amazing list of resources available on their website to help you plan your adventure.

camping ireland

Camping in Ireland

For all you need to know about wild camping in Ireland.

Leave No Trace at the Coast

Check out Clean Coast’s ‘Enjoy & Protect’ campaign for all you need to know about minimising your impact on the Irish coastline and sea.

Covid-19 Guidelines

Covid-19 Guidelines

Before you go, check out the Leave No Trace Covid-19 Guidelines for Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Check, Clean, Dry

How do we protect our precious native species and habitats?