Five ways to celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day

Outdoor Classroom Day may look a bit different during the pandemic, but one thing remains the same – huge numbers of teachers and parents around the world want to support children’s health and wellbeing by making the most of time outdoors. 

As children return to school and to just being allowed to play out near their homes, the Outdoor Classroom Day community is here to support everyone to get outside to play, learn and explore.

Whether you’re teaching in school, delivering lessons remotely or home schooling – here are five ways to celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day.


1. Take at least one class outdoors on the day. If you’re an outdoor learning pro, use the day to celebrate what you’re doing already. If you’re new to getting outdoors, use our lesson ideas to get started.

2. Play around with playtime. Outdoor play is critical to children’s health and wellbeing. Try out some of these top tips from OPAL on Outdoor Classroom Day and witness the impact better playtimes can have for everyone.

3. Set children an outdoor task to do at home. If any of your students are learning from home on the day, share outdoor learning and play ideas with parents. From mud play to dressing up in nature, there are lots of easy ideas in our resources section.

4. Use the journey to and from school to explore nature. From collecting natural items to playing a game of outdoor bingo, there are lots of ideas on our outdoor journeys Pinterest board.

5. Get a friend involved! Visit Outdoor Classroom Day to find out more to help grow the movement and make sure more children experience the benefits of spending time outdoors.