New Toolkit Launched to Drive Environmental Stewardship for Climate Action in Coastal Communities

Date: 30th Nov 2023

Leave No Trace Ireland are pleased to announce the launch of a new toolkit designed to promote environmental stewardship and climate action in coastal communities.

Thanks to the generous support from the Energia Greener Possibilities Fund, administered by The Community Foundation for Ireland, Leave No Trace has crafted a comprehensive community toolkit focusing on Leave No Trace ethics for responsible recreation, citizen science and biodiversity actions communities can take.

The toolkit provides step-by-step guidance for communities eager to strengthen their capacity for climate action through practical initiatives. Additionally, it highlights the significance of citizen science participation, fostering awareness and understanding of its role in preserving coastal biodiversity. By equipping coastal communities with essential skills and nurturing a profound sense of stewardship, our goal is to empower them to take direct action and make meaningful contributions to local adaptation efforts.

Digital copies of the toolkit are readily accessible in the website’s Educational Resources section under community resources.

To get your copy click here.