Beaches & Dunes for Climate Adaptation

The Beaches & Dunes for Climate Adaptation Course aims to develop skills and knowledge in relation to dune systems, climate change, and nature adaptation, providing a means for communities to protect and preserve their costal ecosystems.

Course dates are as follows:

It aims to equip participants with essential knowledge and tools to ensure the longevity and health of local sand dune systems. The training courses will take place at five locations along the Wild Atlantic Way between April and June and be delivered by Susan Adams from Education for Sustainability CLG.

Course Details: This two-day course follows six modules covering topics from assessing Dune Health through to Marram Grass Planting and Stewardship.

Who Should Attend? This course is for anyone who wants to protect their local dune systems and who wants to learn more about nature based solutions. 

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Leave No Trace Ireland, in partnership with the Climate Action Regional Office (CARO) at the University of Galway and the Mayo Sligo and Leitrim Training Board (MSLETB), announces the launch of a new two-day course geared towards empowering local communities to safeguard their coastal environments.