Martina holds a BA.Hon degree in Outdoor Education from GMIT Mayo Campus. The qualified Florist is also a passionate smallholder growing vegetables and some of her own flower supply.  Since 2015 she has operated her business ‘Nature Inspires’ offering nature camps for children and teenagers but also workshops in foraging and natural floristry. As an outdoor educator she works as a freelancer offering schools, but also nursing homes, people with disabilities and other institutions tailormade nature experiences. As an Advanced Leave-No-Trace Trainer she runs 1 Day Certified Awareness and 2 Day Trainer courses and is a volunteer member of the Leave No Trace Education and Research Group.  

Originally from Bavaria Martina has two adult sons and lives surrounded by bog and forestry in rural South Sligo for almost 30 years. As a member of the local environmental group she helps with the planning of various local projects, like organizing nature themed walks and talks within the community.  

There is no ‘favourite habitat’ for Martina, but from growing up at the edge of a forest she loves mingling amongst trees and  adores landmark trees. Connecting to the land through unstructured, low impact creativity in the Outdoors is one of her passions. Observing flora and fauna and sharing the passion of our hedgerows, bogs and forests is her mission. This has been intensified through her dissertation theme about small-scale rewilding, creating ‘micro national parks’, as ‘every inch matters’ to slow down biodiversity loss.