National Tree Week 2024 – Sun 3rd to Sun 10th March

National Tree Week 2024: Sun 3rd – Sun 10th March


Planting Trees for a Greener Future

National Tree Week is an annual event organised by the Tree Council of Ireland in partnership with Coillte.  It is a unique opportunity for people to come together and celebrate the beauty and importance of Ireland’s trees! Since it began in 1985, National Tree Week has been responsible for planting over half a million tree in Ireland.

This year’s heme is ‘Planting Trees for a Greener Future’ which aims to emphasise the importance of trees and forests in helping to mitigate climate change and promote biodiversity.   are a few key guidelines to consider when planting trees. There are hundreds of events happening all over the country this week, some of which are listed further below.

Native Species:

Opt for native tree species that are well-suited to the local climate and soil conditions. Native trees are more likely to thrive and contribute positively to the local ecosystem. Ireland has 28 native tree species which include oak, ash, hazel, birch, Scots pine, rowan and willow.

Site Selection:

Choose appropriate planting sites based on soil quality, drainage, and sunlight exposure. Different tree species have specific requirements, so understanding the local environment is crucial.

Climate Considerations:

Be mindful of Ireland’s climate, Select tree species that can withstand the prevailing weather conditions, including wind and rain.

Biodiversity Enhancement:

Aim for diversity in tree species to enhance biodiversity. A mix of deciduous and evergreen trees, along with a variety of ages, can create a healthier and more resilient ecosystem.

Local Community Engagement:

Involve the local community in the tree planting process. This fosters a sense of ownership and ensures that the trees are cared for over the long term.

Protection from Grazing and Wildlife:

Implement measures to protect young trees from grazing animals and wildlife. Fencing or other protective barriers may be necessary to allow the trees to establish themselves.

Maintenance and Care:

Plan for ongoing maintenance, including watering, pruning, and protection from diseases. Adequate care during the initial years is crucial for the successful establishment of the trees.

Partnerships and Collaboration:

Collaborate with local authorities, environmental organizations, and community groups. Partnering with relevant stakeholders can provide valuable resources, expertise, and support.

Long-Term Planning:

Consider the long-term impact of tree planting. Trees are a long-term investment, and planning should extend beyond the initial planting phase to ensure the sustained health and growth of the forested area.

Adaptation to Climate Change:

Consider the potential impacts of climate change on tree species. Choose resilient species that can adapt to changing climate conditions over time.

Legislation and Permits:

Familiarize yourself with any local or national regulations related to tree planting. Ensure that you have the necessary permits and comply with environmental guidelines.

By carefully considering these factors, tree planting initiatives in Ireland can contribute significantly to environmental sustainability, biodiversity enhancement, and the creation of resilient and thriving ecosystems.

There are hundreds of events happening all over the country this week, some of which are listed further below.

Tree Week Events 

There are hundreds of events happening all over the country this week, some of which are listed further below.

Mayo – Glencorrib & Cross Angling Club

Tree planting on 2nd March 11am – 1pm

Glencorrib &Cross Angling Club will continue to plant in excess of 200 native Irish trees and shrubs with the permission of the local landowners along the Ballycurrin River where we have erecting fencing and wire previously. for anyone coming along, all you need are a pair of boots / wellingtons, a spade / shovel and a trusty back. More details here

Monaghan Trees for Nature

The organisation are looking to plant 200 saplings of whitethorn to re-establish a 100m hedge along a road in our village this will enable connectivity of the nature corridor of the roadside hedge which will provide fantastic colour, habitat and food for local bird and insects. Our organisation promotes and encourages nature corridors and the importance of their connectivity to the environment. More details here

Final County Council, Dublin

Free tree planting on 6th March 10.30-1pm

Fingal County Council has a number of initiatives planned to celebrate National Tree Week and plans to distribute 10,000 trees to residents for planting across the county, as well as hosting a number of community planting events and workshops. More details here

Mental Health Benefits

Trees offer various mental health benefits that contribute to overall well-being. Spending time in natural environments with trees has been associated with positive effects on mental health.

Woodlands for Health is a 12 week woodland-based guided walking programme for adults availing of mental health services and supports in Ireland. Woodlands for Health is an accessible and sustainable way to make nature part of the toolkit for supporting mental health.


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