Leave No Trace Ireland Announced as a Beneficiary of the Deloitte Impact Fund for 2022

At Leave No Trace Ireland we promote responsible use of the outdoors. Through education, research and partnerships, Leave No Trace Ireland enables and supports individuals, communities, organisations and companies in reducing the environmental impact of outdoor activities. Our environmental education programmes are about ensuring our outdoor lifestyles are high quality, environmentally sustainable and emanate from a sense of responsibility.

We are delighted to be announced as a beneficiary of the Deloitte Impact Fund. The firm wide initiative, Impact Week, offers Deloitte employees the opportunity to give back to local and surrounding communities by providing their time and expertise.

In 2022 we will be working alongside Deloitte staff and local communities to deliver a large scale restoration project.

Maura Kiely, CEO, commented

“The last two years has seen a renewed appreciation of the outdoors with huge increases in the numbers of people using public parks and the open countryside for recreation, exercise and enjoyment. However, this is also putting pressure on open spaces which is threatening the quality and protection of the outdoors that are also important habitats for wildlife and a working environment for farmers. Having delivered the first Hot Spot Programme in Europe in 2021, in partnership with Gas Networks Ireland to resounding success, Leave No Trace Ireland are excited to see the Hot Spot Programme extend to new locations across Ireland.”

This project will focus at a location that has been heavily impacted by recreational use. The chosen location will receive a unique, site-specific blend of training, expert consulting, education, and monitoring. With site-specific Leave No Trace measures in place, the area will be equipped to bounce back from impacts and recover its natural qualities. The result will be a sustainable outdoor area that is on the road to recovery for all to enjoy.