Knocksink Wood Nature Reserve Community Engagement Project Launch and Webinar

The Knocksink Wood Nature Reserve is an area of unique beauty that brings happiness to its many visitors each year. It is also an area that faces more than its fair share of threats and difficulties. Located beside the Wicklow town of Enniskerry on the Dublin border, it is highly accessible to much of the populations of both Wicklow and Dublin. With such a large number of visitors, the threat of negative environmental impacts to the nature reserve are bound to increase. Even with the best of intentions, it is difficult to reduce impacts when visitor numbers are as high as they are.

It is difficult, but not impossible. The aim of the Knocksink Wood Nature Reserve Community Engagement Project is to work with as many users of the woodland as possible and educate and empower them to help protect this absolute gem. Knocksink Wood is a fantastic area that should be enjoyed by as many visitors as possible, but we must also acknowledge that it is a particularly delicate habitat as well. By altering our behaviour slightly and treading the woods more like a nature reserve we can have tangible, positive impacts that help protect the woods for years to come.

There are many reasons we should want to protect Knocksink, for the wildlife that calls it home, the rare habitats and plants that are the reason it is a designated Special Area of Conservation, and for ourselves, so we have this amazing place as an area to visit and enjoy forever.

Join Leave No Trace Ecologist, Padraic Creedon as we launch this exciting new project through the ‘Knocksink Wood Nature Reserve Community Engagement Webinar’

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