What We Do

The Outdoors Is Yours. Leave No Trace To Protect It.

In the last year, thousands of people  went camping, our national parks saw hundreds of thousands of recreational visitors looking to enjoy the great outdoors in Ireland.  With  the increasing visits to the outdoors each year, your support of the Leave No Trace Irelands work has never been more critical. Leave No Trace Ireland works to raise awareness and educate people about reducing their impact on the environment. Join the most effective movement to ensure that all our parks, waters and lands, remain places of wonder, inspiration and exploration.


 As increasing numbers of people seek the beauty and exhilaration of outdoor recreation, our collective mark on the environment and its natural processes, increases. Litter, disturbance to vegetation, water pollution, wildlife, livestock and other people are all indicators of the need to develop a national ethic that protects both natural and cultural heritage. Techniques designed to minimise the social and environmental impacts to these areas are incorporated into the Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics Education Programme as seven Principles.

The Leave No Trace message has been adopted by many organisations from Government Departments, State Agencies, National Governing Bodies of Sport, education and training organisations and range of tourism businesses. It is this broad adoption and promotion that gives the message its strength, together with the fact that the principles are all positive in nature and based on sound science. Leave No Trace Ireland’s office is located in Westport, Co. Mayo.



We have a current Strategic Plan, The Outdoors is yours - Protect it! which guides our objectives in carrying out our mission over the next 5 years.

You can read the Strategic Plan HERE: