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On the 2nd May 2010 Steven Adkisson will be walking over 11,000 km from Dublin to Spain as well as encouraging people along the way to ‘Leave No Trace’. 

His journey will begin in Dublin, he will then embark on a five day walk to Belfast. The further adventure will take him across the North Channel to Scotland, south through England and Wales before again crossing the water to mainland Europe. Departing Holland and traveling southeastward, he will WALK the entire distance Across Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Jordan, and the West Bank, to his destination in Jerusalem.. This is the first leg of his journey.

He will then turn west and travel across southern Europe including Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, through the Alps into Switzerland, then Lichtenstein, France, Andorra, and finally onto Spain.