Successful Launch of the Leave No Trace Training Network 

“We need to recognise that we live in nature, not on top of it.” – Richard Louv, Leave No Trace Training Network Launch. 

Last week saw the very successful launch of the new training network. Over 60 participants joined online to hear an inspiring presentation from international author Richard Louv. Richard is also the founding chairman of The Children and Nature Network, an organisation helping to build a movement to connect children, families and communities to nature. 

Richard spoke about nature in the time of Covid-19 and the new appreciation for nature as an antidote to isolation and contagion“People are feeling this sense of awe and wonder for nature in Covid times. It’s almost as if they are glimpsing a future that just might be, where we live in collaboration, in symbiosis with nature,” he said. He also touched on subjects like the value of outdoor classrooms for social-distancing and socialisation, the inequitable distribution of nature, and the current endangerment of nature connection programmes. An engaging questions and answers session followed with Richard and the attendees. 

Afterwards, the Chair of the Education and Research Group Gavin Beetlestone introduced the new training network. He shared the vision for the new network, where it fits into the strategic plan for the organisation and the benefits for Leave No Trace Trainers and Training Centres in joining the networkLeave No Trace has a very ambitious vision going forward to inspire ethical outdoor recreation. Gavin outlined that the organisation wants to work with Trainers and Training Centres who share a vision and challenge Leave No Trace Ireland to strengthen the reach of their message.   

This is a great opportunity to develop a strong and visible network of Leave No Trace Trainers, profiling best practise and celebrating excellence. We are moving forward to have consistency and quality of training programmes, creating opportunities to collaborate and ensure that Leave No Trace can meet the needs of Accredited Trainers and Accredited Training Centres. Gavin outlined the series of quarterly webinars planned for the Training Network which will include presentations from Leave No Trace New Zealand and Leave No Trace USA. 

Feedback was very positive with all trainers expressing their enthusiasm for the opportunity for increased engagement within the network. If you would like more information on the new Training Network for Leave No Trace Trainers and Training Centres, click here. 

LNT Training Network