Top Tips for leaving no trace on the IAT Ulster-Ireland

The days are getting longer, and as finer weather approaches, we’re all looking for new experiences outside in our amazing forests, beaches, parks and mountains. This year the International Appalachian Trail – IAT Ulster Ireland is promoting a Leave No Trace approach to their trail and all surrounding activities. At 449km, it passes through 4 counties and 4 areas of outstanding natural beauty. Walking is great way to connect with our local landscapes and gain a deeper understanding for the nature, flora and fauna to be found on this island.

“By stepping onto the Ulster-Ireland Chapter of the International Appalachian Trail you are not only connecting to the rich heritage and landscape of Ireland, but are also following remnants of the ancient Appalachian-Caledonian Mountains once joined 250 million years ago. The similarities of landscape can be seen from the trails beginnings at the Northern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail on Mount Katahdin in Maine, USA, before moving north onto Canada, across to Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, England, the Isle of Man, Wales, Norway, Spain, Portugal and Morocco (that’s some list to rhyme off!)”

The Ulster/Ireland Section of the International Appalachian Trail has a great blog post going through our principles in relation to walking or hiking this amazing section of trail. With increasing visitor numbers exploring the trail, there has never been a more important time to practice the principles of Leave No Trace to ensure we all preserve this iconic landscape for future generations.

Read the whole piece here.