Stakeholders Welcome funding for Sustainable Access and Habitat Restoration Project on Croagh Patrick

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The Chairman of Croagh Patrick Stakeholders Group, Mr. Martin Keating, has warmly
welcomed the announcement of a funding allocation of €480,000 by Mr. Michael Ring TD,
Minister for Rural and Community Development for Sustainable Access and Habitat
Restoration work on Croagh Patrick. He thanked the Minister, Department of Rural and
Community Development Officials and Mayo County Council for their support in securing
Over the last five years, the Croagh Patrick Stakeholders Group has succeeded in unifying its
many stakeholders, from Mountain Shareholders to Adventure Race organisers, all with very
diverse views and opinions around an inclusive vision for the Mountain
To provide sustainable access to Croagh Patrick, while providing a highquality
experience for all visitors, recognising its prominence as a cultural and
spiritual icon and its popularity as a recreational destination
Through recognising that no single user group or event is responsible for the condition of the
mountain and that to attempt to allocate responsibility would be without merit and putting
the care and long term sustainability of the mountain at the centre of our thinking, an access
solution for Croagh Patrick has been arrived at.
The technical solution, which has been five years in the making, involved a unique
collaborative process between the most experienced upland path consultants and
contractors in Scotland, England and Ireland together with all the stakeholders on Croagh
Patrick. It involved trial path work on the Summit to confirm that the proposed solution for
this unique upland site was fit for purpose. The Planning process involved consultation with
the statutory consultees, together with extensive engagement with Community, Church and
Recreational users and has confirmed the support of all for the project including the formal
approval of the Planning Authority. The Stakeholder Group has put in place an appropriate
Corporate Structure and has acquired an interest in the path to facilitate the project
proceeding in an orderly and safe manner.
With a funding confirmed, the Croagh Patrick Stakeholders Group will now commence putting
arrangements in place to implement the plans. We are satisfied that we have the capacity,
commitment and mandate to deliver an exemplar access solution for Croagh Patrick, develop
the skills, structures and arrangements required to maintain and manage it sustainably into
the future.
Further details from Martin Keating, Chairman, Croagh Patrick Stakeholders Group