River Explorers Programme for Primary Schools

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Leave No Trace Ireland are delighted to partner again this year with Waterways Ireland to deliver their exciting River Explorers Programme to a selection of schools funded under the CEA fund by Local Authorities.

The ‘River Explorers’ project, a partnership between Leave No Trace Ireland and Waterways Ireland is designed to engage local primary school children (5th & 6th class) to take pride in their local river, lake or canal. The learning objectives include raising awareness and educating them on the environmental impacts within their local waterways and how they can minimise these impacts and take action to keep their local waterway clean. In essence they are being taught to “Use their waterway responsibly”.

This year as a result of COVID-19 Leave No Trace have moved the programme online. The workshops involve blended learning, where Leave No Trace Ireland Trainers use interactive activities, You Tube videos and live Zoom presentations to bring their message in a fun, engaging and inclusive way to the classroom.

This project empowers primary school students to connect with their natural environment and enjoy their natural heritage responsibly and ethically.

The trainers will impart the knowledge and skills the participants need to understand how to identify the wealth of biodiversity on the local rivers and canals, be able to anticipate how their use of these waterways impacts on this and the measures they can take to minimise this impact.