Return to Sport and Physical Activity

As restrictions begin to ease it is vital that we all continue to adhere to the public health guidelines and take personal responsibility to ensure our safety and the safety of people around us.

Republic of Ireland

The range of sports which have been notified they can resume in Phase Two can be viewed here.

A limited number of outdoor team sports are also permitted to return to non-contact training in phase two.

In all cases, participants in sporting activity must respect the current public health guidelines.

Groups of up to 15, including trainers and coaches, may return to non-contact outdoor training activity (but not matches) while maintaining social distancing at all times.

You may travel within your own county, and up to 20 kilometres from your home if crossing county boundaries.

Social distancing including physical separation of 2 metres must be observed at all time.

Participants are advised to consult their GP prior to engaging in any new sporting activity.

If participants have received a positive test for COVID-19 or believe that they may have been infected with coronavirus, they are advised to consult their GP prior to resuming any sporting activity.

The full guidance document for the return to outdoor sports and fitness is available to download here.

Northern Ireland

Restrictions in Northern Ireland are also beginning to ease and is planned across 5 steps, with details on how this will affect work, retail, education, travel, family and community, and sport, cultural and leisure activities.

Under Phase 2 for Sports, culture and leisure activities – Resumption of, for example, team sports training on a non-contact basis in small groups can take place. Selected libraries open, with restricted service. Open-air museums open.

More information is available here.