Project Update 1: The Community Engagement Project at Knocksink Wood Nature Reserve

Project Update 1: The Community Engagement Project at Knocksink Wood Nature Reserve

2022 has seen our amazing Community Engagement Project at Knocksink Woodland Nature Reserve come to life!

The Knocksink Wood Nature Reserve is an area of unique beauty that is both a nature reserve and an SAC (Special Area of Conservation). Our first in-person event happened in late January, where many members of the local community came to learn about the woodland, remove litter and harmful waste from the area, dismantle and repair areas that had seen extensive fire or shelter building, and remove graffiti from trees within the woodland.

It was a really fantastic day, and a huge thank you to everyone who took part! Find our video of that first day linked below:

Since then the project has been growing in multiple ways: our Tech Tips video series is launching throughout the months of April and May; as well as short podcast series hosted by presenter Colin Stafford-Johnson is in production.

The Tech Tips videos are made with the aim of providing short, easy tips that can be used in whatever circumstance you find yourself when outdoors – to help us protect the environment and to Leave No Trace. You’ll find the first video of this series below, with new episodes coming out over the following Fridays on our YouTube.

Coming Soon! Our podcast series with Colin Stafford-Johnson will look at our relationship to nature, the detrimental impacts that can occur to areas of natural beauty, and how we go about protecting and enjoying our most delicate of outdoor spaces. The series is currently in the production phase, and were are already really excited for this one. Keep an eye out for further announcements for when the series will launch.

Andrea, Conservation Ranger of the NPWS, being interviewed for our podcast in Knocksink Wood Nature Reserve

Since our first impact day we’ve been back to conduct “bio blitz’s”, which involves volunteers and Leave No Trace members surveying the forest for the different layers of flora. This data is fed back to our partners – particularly the NPWS and the National Biodiversity Data Centre, who can use this data when looking at how this protected area is responding and growing.

Our project partners are The Community Foundation of Ireland; The Dept. of Housing, Local Gov. & Heritage; The National Biodiversity Data Centre; and the National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS); as part of The Community Engagement Project at Knocksink Wood Nature Reserve. 

We’re looking forward to meeting more people and collectively learning more about this amazing woodland as this project progresses. To get involved send us an email.