Primary school students to learn about our ocean wealth and Leave No Trace ireland in South Mayo, Donegal and Sligo

The Marine Institute’s Explorer’s Education Programme™ is growing and is now available with Leave No Trace Ireland in South Mayo, Donegal and Sligo. 

Leave No Trace Ireland will be introducing the marine based education modules to primary school children in these regions during the next school year, promoting the importance of our ocean through saltwater aquariums in classrooms, seashore safari’s, marine projects, marine workshops and special science and art projects. A new module in the 2016 Explorers Education Programmes includes ‘Leave No Trace in the marine environment’ where primary school children will learn how to protect their local marine environment.

Dr Peter Heffernan, CEO of the Marine Institute congratulated all centres on their success in joining the Explorers Education Programme™ highlighting “Their expertise and enthusiasm for our oceans provides  an important platform for teaching marine themes in the classroom and helps  to support and reconnect teachers and their students with the marine environment”.

“As an Island nation with a seabed territory ten times greater than the size of the island of Ireland (approximately 880,000km sq.) it is fundamental that we realise the value, opportunities and social benefits the ocean provides us.  On a daily basis the ocean produces over half the oxygen we breath, provides us with food and supports the tiniest microscopic plants to the largest animals on earth.   It is therefore essential that we learn about the influence the ocean has on us and the influence we have on the ocean,” Dr Heffernan said.

Details of the Explorers Education Programme™ modules and Leave No Trace Ireland contacts are available at  Booking to take part in the modules is essential and teachers in Mayo, Donegal, Sligo and Kerry should contact Leave No Trace Ireland for more details on [email protected].

The counties involved in the Education Programme™ include Galway, Clare, Donegal, Mayo, Sligo, Cork, Waterford, Dublin and Wicklow delivered by centres including Leave No Trace Ireland, SeaSynergy, Galway Atlantaquaria, Loop Head Summer Hedge School, Redrose Developments, Lifetime Lab, Oceanic Surf School and Sea Life – Bray. All centres selected to represent the Explorers Education Programme™ were completed in line with the public sector procurement guidelines.  The Explorers Education Programme™ is supported by the Marine Institute, and is funded under the Marine Research Programme by the Irish Government.




Contact: Maura Lyons, Manager, Leave No Trace Ireland

Phone: 01 9059009

Email: [email protected]