William is a native of Inishowen, Co Donegal and over twenty years ago began his passion for all things seaweed having learnt on the White Strand, Malin Head how to traditionally harvest and save seaweed. William established Wild Strands Ltd a creative Maritime Food Tourism Sustainable Food company to promote the many wonders of seaweed through education, food, tourism, and mindfulness.

William has presented, through talks and cooking demos, widely on this topic, locally, nationally and internationally. His concept café, inspired by Irish Heritage Food particularly seaweed, Wild Strands Caifé showcased sustainable food practices around the principles of sustainability, food sovereignty and food justice. William has restructured the company following the closure of the multiple award-winning cafe in 2020 as a result of Covid-19 a to focus on education. William has been a registered Heritage Expert for the Heritage in School Programme since 2016 and has recently joined the team of Leave No Trace as a Trainer and is a member of the Explorer Education team delivering workshops to schools in Donegal.

William aims to continue to develop his unique sustainable tourism packages based on Slow Adventure principles in 2022. William is an active Inishowen Rivers Trust volunteer and has contributed to the preservation of our maritime built heritage playing lead role in project management of the building/restoration of three traditional Donegal boats,  Donegal Curragh and Foyle Punt and Drontheim