Students Enter Second Semester on The NPWS Special Purpose Award

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Students on the NPWS Special Purpose Award have returned to the virtual classroom in MTU Kerry. The students have spent the summer months taking part in a work-based learning module across Ireland.

  • Students in the Northern Division were given the opportunity to work in Glenveagh National Park. This stunning location provided the students with the opportunity to work on a variety of issues, as well as working in the education department.
  • Students in the Western Division were allocated to the Corncrake Life Project. This project entailed the quantification, surveying of the corncrake populations as well as collaboration with local communities to ensure that sustainable farming practices were utilized.
  • Students in the Southern Division were allocated to Killarney National Park. The students engaged with a number of monitoring and surveying tasks across the park, as well as communication and engagement with users of the national park.
  • Students in the Eastern Division were allocated to the Wicklow Mountains National Park. The students worked on quantifying deer populations, the planting and protection of trees and the general duties across the park.

This semester, students will learn about practising nature interpretation and the sustainable handling of wildlife and habitats. In addition, the students will also take part in practical workshops, participate in a Leave No Trace trainer’s course, and embark on a field trip. Learn more about the course here.

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