Notice of Leave No Trace AGM and Network Meeting

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Leave No Trace Ireland will be holding its network meeting and AGM on Friday May 17th at the Burren Outdoor Education Centre, Bell Harbour, Co Clare.


The network meeting provides an excellent opportunity to connect with other people with an interest in encouraging responsible enjoyment of Ireland’s natural environment. Our programme for the day includes presentations and activities to demonstrate how the Leave No Trace message can help us look after special areas. We will also be discussing Leave No Trace Ireland’s priorities for the year ahead and would welcome your input to that process.


As a supporter or previous partner of Leave No Trace Ireland we would like to ask if you, or your organisation, would like to be able to make nominations, be nominated, or vote on any matter at the AGM. As this power is only available to partners we invite you to complete the partner application form and pay the appropriate fee on or before Friday 10th May.


If you, or somebody you know, would be interested in becoming nominated as a Director of Leave No Trace Ireland Ltd. please contact us as soon as possible by phoning +00353 1 9059009 or emailing [email protected].


We know the network meeting will be an enjoyable and stimulating day, and we look forward to seeing you in the Burren.