NGEurope Erasamus Project

On Sunday 25th November, Leave No Trace Ireland representatives will travel to Athens, Greece to attend the 4th partner meeting of the NGEurope Erasmus+ programme.  NG Europe, is an international Erasmus project that empowers community leaders to take action on social and environmental issues.   The programme will empower individuals and leaders of community organisations to create new opportunities in their local area that will enable them to increase their impact in protecting their local environment.

On Monday November 26th two trainees will arrive in Athens from Ireland to join with 18 other particpants from Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Austria on a 5 day training course in Green and Social NGO Leadership. Particpants from a diverse range of background will learn how to found, fund and manage an NGO.

Ireland will host an information seminar in GMIT, Castlebar, Co Mayo in March 2019. This will be followed in July with a 5 day training course. If you would like more information on the NGEurope project or would like to partake in the training course in July, please email: [email protected]