“NG Europe” Erasmus project carries out pilot programme in Portugal

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“NG Europe”, is an international Erasmus project that empowers community leaders to take action on social and environmental issues.   The programme will empower individuals and leaders of community organisations to create new opportunities in their local area that will enable them to increase their impact in protecting their local environment.

NG Europe Erasmus Training Programme will do this by:

  • Inspiring environmental leadership in communities
  • Providing education  and training  for environmental leaders in their local communities
  • Empowering organisations to protect their local environment
  • NG Europe will engage with individuals and communities interested in green and social entrepreneurship training, helping them to develop their idea into a viable enterprise, which can act as a catalyst in creating social and environmental change.

Leave No Trace are delighted to be a key partner in this programme. We are currently carrying out the first pilot programme in Lousada, Portugal. If you would like to learn more, please contact [email protected]