National Biodiversity Week 2022

National Biodiversity Week 2022

13th – 22nd May

1. Biodiversity Photographer of the Year
Nothing captures Ireland’s beautiful natural environment better than a photograph, so as part of Ireland’s Biodiversity Week 2022 there is the 10th Annual Biodiversity Photographer of the Year competition. Remember to follow the Rule of Thumb when photographing wildlife!


2. Backyard Blitz, May 20th – 22nd

Wondering what that plant is? Who that insect is visiting your flowers? Maybe you’ve seen an unknown bird at your feeder, or strange creatures at your local waterway or park – and the biodiversity ecologists and wildlife experts will identify it for you! Simply share your photo on Twitter or Instagram with #BackyardBioblitz, and tag them on Twitter @IrishEnvNet or Instagram @national.biodiversity.week
More info here.

3. Biodiversity Scavenger Hunt 

There are lots of things living in your garden and local parks or wild areas. Take part in the scavenger hunt to see what you can find. Will you be able to complete the hunt? The Biodiversity Scavenger Hunt and activity sheets ensure that the whole family can take part in the weekend fun – head outside to see what you can find!

More info and download the sheets here.