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Mountain Meitheal has been involved with Leave No Trace from its beginning when Bill Murphy (then Chairman) first broached the idea of introducing it as a concept to Ireland. As one of Mountain Meitheal’s main objectives is “to spread an awareness of sustainable recreation”, its members have taken to Leave No Trace with a passion. Mountain Meitheal is a group of volunteers who undertake conservation and restoration on mountain and forest tracks and believe that by spreading the Leave No Trace message it can begin to reduce upland erosion and possibly reduce its workload.

Mountain Meitheal promotes the principles of Leave No Trace at every opportunity, through its workdays, website (, literature, at outdoor events, meetings and seminars. In 2006, Mountain Meitheal organised a Wicklow Mountains Leave No Trace Awareness Day, “manning” over ten car parks and access points and distributing over 1500 Leave No Trace leaflets to visitors. It also produced over 20 “all weather” Leave No Trace banners which were fixed to forest entrances across the mountains (with the landowners permission) and which have been a valuable reminder to recreational users to Leave No Trace for over 18 months.

Mountain Meitheal’s members include three Master Educators, five Trainers and at least a quarter of its membership have attended awareness days, some run by club members specifically for the club.