Spring is finally here! We are sure you’ve noticed that warblers and sand martins are arriving day after day and that the snowdrops and daffodils are in full bloom?

Despite our working lives playing out over zoom and instant messenger, things are all go here at Leave No Trace Ireland. We are growing at an unprecedented rate, and despite life in lockdown being rather tough at times, this gives us so much hope. It shows us that people care about looking after their little slice of Earth! We feel that there has been a perceptible shift in people’s mindsets of late, people are stepping up, taking personal responsibility and playing their part. You are these people, and together we are building a community of stewards of the earth. How exciting is that? The more people adopting the Leave No Trace Principles in their day to day lives, the quicker sustainable change comes about!

So, let us take this opportunity to thank you for the pivotal role you play in all of this, for your continued support and for the work you are doing in your community! Keep going, you’re doing great!

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