Ireland is such a special place to call home. Everyone who lives and travels here becomes a steward of the land and has a responsibility to protect it. The Leave No Trace Pledge is a commitment to minimise one’s impact by adopting the Leave No Trace ethos into their lives.

Make the Leave No Trace Pledge today

When I am in the outdoors, I pledge to:

Watch over our land and sea, treading lightly and leaving no trace
Travel with an open heart and mind

Be considerate of local communities and respect culture

How to care for Ireland?

By making the pledge, you are making a conscious effort to adopt these Principles into your life

Keep Ireland clean
Respect signage
Consider your impact
Be a responsible dog owner
Keep Ireland Clean
Respect signage
Consider your impact
Be a responsible dog owner

Show your support by making the promise to protect this incredible place we get to call home by leaving no trace

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Did you know?

The Leave No Trace spiral on the Pledge pays homage to the spiral shape found in the natural world, in shells, in whirlpools, in galaxies and in your fingertip. It is also the oldest symbol found in Celtic culture and represents the sun – the giver of life.