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Leave No Trace Ireland was given the opportunity to promote the programme as part of a ‘Holiday at Home’ series of features on a popular television channel within Northern Ireland. The features included outdoor activities, accommodation and tourist attractions, which were aired on prime time television in August 2008.

The feature focused on ‘eco-tourism’ and was presented by Pamela Ballantine from UTV. In County Fermanagh Pamela met Jerome O’Loughlin, Ireland Eco Tours, who is a Leave No Trace Trainer. Ireland Eco Tours is a small Eco Tour Company that offers a range of Eco Adventure tours on the Island of Ireland. Pamela travelled on Jerome’s eco friendly veggie oil-powered bus to Lough Navar, from where they cycled up to the viewpoint on mountain bikes. Over lunch Pamela was told about the Leave No Trace programme by Beverley Pierson (Leave No Trace Ireland’s Project Co-ordinator) who discussed: what Leave No Trace is, why the Leave No Trace message is important, what can be done to help our environment when using the outdoors and where information on Leave No Trace can be found –