Leave No Trace Ireland New Skills and Ethics Leaflets for Responsible Recreation

The creation of the new material is a result of a pioneering collaboration between Leave No Trace Ireland, Donegal Local Development CLG and local communities.

The project focused on collaboration and co-creation with local communities to adapt, tailor and develop resources that were highly relevant to the target audience. It is the first of its kind in Ireland, and it aimed to support outdoor recreational groups and communities by providing them with a series of free custom educational training workshops as well as resources to enable them to protect, preserve and enhance responsible outdoor recreation in Donegal’s upland, coastal and inland environments. The pilot initiative has received support from the Donegal Local Development CLG and the project was funded by the Leader Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.

The need for cohesion was evident throughout the development and delivery of these projects as well as the importance of engagement with local communities. Working together on a common issue enables the building of working relationships. These guides have been designed for community groups to promote best practices in the responsible and sustainable use of the Irish countryside. The guides aim to inspire, support and encourage greater awareness and responsibility in the outdoors. Voluntary groups are the lifeblood of our communities, and we are proud to have had the opportunity to provide local people with tools to reduce the impact on the environment and encourage responsible use of the outdoors.

The guides cover a range of topics such as walking, cycling, water sports, community engagement as well as festivals, events and adventure races. The guides demonstrate how the seven principles of Leave No Trace can be applied to a range of situations and activities. For example, the ethics and skills guide which focus on walking demonstrate that the growth in the popularity of walking and hillwalking has seen a significant and rapid increase which in turn is leaving an impact on our rural and upland environments. The ethos of showing consideration to others is highly pertinent now due to the need for social distancing, and through being polite and courteous, we can all protect the quality of experience, as well as the health and enjoyment for everyone.

New resources are available here.


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Leave No Trace Ireland is Ireland’s only outdoor ethics programme, which promotes the responsible use of the outdoors. Through education, research and partnerships, Leave No Trace Ireland enables and supports individuals, communities, organisations and companies in reducing the environmental impact of outdoor activities.