Leave No Trace Ireland continues to advocate for responsible dog control

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For those who missed last night’s edition of RTÉ’s ‘Ear to the Ground’, it featured a segment on sheep worrying and dog control, which is now available to view using the RTÉ player link below.

Leave No Trace Ireland continues to advocate for responsible dog control, which unfortunately has seen a number of serious incidents over the last 12 months.


If you are a dog owner that visits farmland areas, please take a moment to watch the segment and take note of the following:


Dog owners living or visiting farmland regions are requested to consider the welfare of sheep by maintaining their distance, respecting farm boundaries and keeping dogs under control at all times.


Please monitor where dogs are at all times – sheep attacks and incidents of dog worrying can occur at any time.


Use a leash where appropriate and please follow the direction of any signage related to dog control.


There are a considerable number of sheep present on open hill and commonage areas in the Wicklow Upland Region, so clearly defined farmland boundaries and signage may not always be present.


Report wandering dogs and suspicious sights to your local authorities.


Make sure all dogs are registered and microchipped.


Remember that both lambs and pregnant ewes are exceptionally vulnerable in the months before and during lambing season.


The presence of dogs even with playful intent, may cause great distress to heavily pregnant ewes, with shock often causing fatalities 2 – 3 days after being chased.


During lambing season, when a flock is disturbed, the loss of young lambs due to hunger can also occur if they become separated from their mother, the source of essential milk.


Together, we can all contribute to creating a safer environment for sheep and livestock to exist.


Please follow this link to view last night’s segment:



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