Leave No Trace hold AGM at Airfield Estate

Leave No Trace hold AGM at Airfield Estate 

Recently Leave No Trace Ireland held it’s Annual General Meeting with our Board of Directors and members in the beautiful location of the Airfield Estate in Dublin. It was an opportunity to reflect on the past year, celebrating our many achievements!


We also had a chance to review our progress and express our gratitude to our members, our Board, and our team for their hard work.

The day was packed with activities, starting with the AGM, followed by the Love This Place Campaign photocall, and concluding with an insightful workshop for our core member network.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us online and in person, and to all who participated in the voting process.

Thanks to Eliza and the team at Airfield Estate for providing a beautiful setting and support in making our event a success.

Here’s to another fantastic year ahead!