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Halloween is a great opportunity to celebrate autumn with your loved ones and get your spook on. However, it also has become synonymous with waste. In 2019, an article in The Guardian reported that “an estimated 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste – equivalent to 83m bottles – will be generated from throwaway Halloween clothing sold by leading retailers in the UK.” Here are some alternative activities and ways to leave no trace this Halloween while still making the most of the occasion.

1. Make Sustainable Halloween Decorations

We bet if you raided your recycling bin you could find lots of useful stuff that with a bit of creativity and a box of art supplies you could breathe a new lease of life into to make some amazing upcycled Halloween decorations.

2. Reuse or Revamp Old Costumes

Do your kids really need a new Halloween costume every year? Most people have a black bag filled to the brim with old costumes just sitting in the attic. It’s time to dust them off and get a second wear out of them. Or why not do a clothes swap with friends or get creative and make your own!

3.  Go on a Spooky Woodland Walk

Have you ever explored the woods after dark? It feels shockingly different to daytime. Take a torch on a twilight trek. Listen out for hooting owls and cawing crows. Watch for bats darting out of tree hollows. Remember, if you’re exploring after dark, make sure you stay close to an adult. Be careful of trip hazards like tree roots and fallen branches, and don’t forget some spare torch batteries!

4. Make a Twig Skeleton

You can learn all about bones by making a terrifying twig skeleton. Gather sticks, conkers, acorns, and leaves, then create a human, animal, or a monster skeleton!

5. Make a Leaf Pumpkin

Autumn leaves can be turned into pumpkins too. Gather some orange leaves and arrange them in a pumpkin shape on the ground. Use dark brown leaves to create glaring eyes and a grinning mouth.

6. Swap Scary Stories

Sitting around a fire at home and swapping scary stories is always a fun activity that leaves no trace. A flashlight under the face while you’re telling your scary tale always adds an extra spooky touch.

Learn more about Leave No Trace and our 7 Principles on our website. Happy Halloween!

Leave No Trace Halloween Activities