Leave No Trace Climate Action Champions

Finding the balance between inspiring our nation’s youth and ensuring their safety has enabled Leave No Trace Ireland to develop its Climate Action Champions programme for online delivery.

Primary school pupils around the country have been experiencing the online workshops over the last number of weeks. By using blended learning, Leave No Trace Ireland Trainers engage with students using interactive activities (quizzes, poster competitions), YouTube videos, and live Zoom presentations. Our trainers were eager to get involved with this project and ensure that our nation’s youth are not forgotten in these difficult times.

The materials covered in the online course are the same as what was originally developed for the Champions workshop, with adaptions being made to ensure that the delivery is fluid and that the material covered is communicated in a fun, engaging and inclusive way.

The workshops empower students to make the right decisions in the outdoors and give them the tools to tackle issues in their local community. Leave No Trace Ireland primary school resources are available free to all schools. By incorporating Leave No Trace practices into the curriculum, teachers can integrate science, maths, language, arts, history, and more into one rich lesson or activity, and still satisfy numerous national curriculum standards in all subject areas. Taking a class outside or bringing nature indoors provides an excellent backdrop or context for interdisciplinary learning.

Examples of our newly developed videos for youth can be can be seen on our YouTube channel.

Leave No Trace are still taking booking for workshop in some counties, so if you would like your school to be included, email [email protected] for more information.

Leave No Trace Ireland would like to acknowledge the support of the Local Authorities around the country in providing funding for this programme through the CEA Fund.

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