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Leave No Trace Campsite the Envy of All at Electric Picnic

The lucky 400 campers staying in the first ever Leave No Trace campsite were the envy of all at this year’s Electric Picnic in Stradbally, Co. Laois. Those that registered for this free camping option woke up to a pristine campsite complete with picnic benches, morning yoga, a wishing tree and most importantly somewhere to recycle their rubbish and dispose of their waste properly. Campers took great pride in using the green and brown biodegradable bin bags provided in their welcome packs.  We can safely say that empowering people to Leave No Trace worked. The campsite was pristinely clean all weekend. However, the contrast to the adjacent campsites was all too stark. Whilst the Leave No Trace Campsite was beautifully clean and green with ‘picnickers’ sunbathing on the grass, beer cans, food waste and general litter covered the ground of other campsites so that you could no longer see any grass. A key aspect of the campsite ethos was to educate people about Leave No Trace Principles to inspire responsible camping. There was no policing involved, everyone took responsibility for their own waste and their own impact on the land. The Leave No Trace campers ensured that a section of Stradbally’s beautiful environment was not disturbed. It is clear that an increasing number of people seek to preserve the beauty of the outdoor environment which they are enjoying. Since this year’s Electric Picnic, Leave No Trace has been inundated with requests to join next year’s campsite. There is a great opportunity to make Electric Picnic more sustainable and reduce the impact we have on the land it is held on. Watch this space! 

Dorothy-Ellen White