Leadership Training Opportunity for Social and Green Entrepreneurs – NGEurope Erasmus+ project

NGEurope is an international Erasmus+ project that empowers community leaders to take action on social and environmental issues. Partner organisations from five European countries (Austria, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain) are working together on creating tools and support for facilitating community participation and action. The programme empowers individuals and leaders of community organisations to create new opportunities in their local area that will enable them to increase their impact in protecting their local environment and creating social change.

NGEurope engages with individuals and communities interested in green and social entrepreneurship training, helping them to develop their ideas into a viable enterprise, which can act as a catalyst in creating social and environmental change.

NGEurope focuses on social and environmental issues by upskilling existing staff and other individuals who want to contribute to these fields. It is an ideal opportunity for you to learn new things, become active for your cause and make an impact in your community if you belong to one of the following groups: 

– Adults who are passionate about an environmental or social issue and wish to learn how to take your campaign to the next level.

– Adults who have a green/social business idea and want to develop it into a viable enterprise.

– Existing NGO staff members who want to be upskilled while continuing to work in your current position.

– Existing NGO staff willing to share their expertise and to support new leaders by participating in the project’s immersion programme.

Leave No Trace are hosting a 5-day training course in Castlebar, Co. Mayo on June 28th – July 2nd incl 2019. This free course will cover aspects of creating and managing an NGO.  Trainees from Ireland, Austria, Greece, Portugal and Spain will share experiences of NGO’s in their own countries and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and focus on tips and tricks for creating, managing and supporting social and green NGOs. 

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, email  [email protected]