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Belfast Friends of the Earth are launching a new campaign, “Belfast Cycle City”, focusing on cycling provision in the city. In cooperation with Sustrans and the Northern Ireland Cycling Initiative they have produced a vision report for the year 2020, detailing current difficulties for cyclists in Belfast and highlighting the potential benefits of a cycle-orientated city.

The overall vision of the campaign is that, in 2020, Belfast will be one of the top ten cycling cities in the UK. To achieve this, three asks are made of Belfast City Councillors :

– the creation in 2010 of a new ten year cycling strategy for Belfast

– establishing a target of 10% of all journeys to be made by bicycle in the city by 2020

– support an annual spending to £15 per person , in line with cycle-orientated English cities.

To launch the campaign they are having a media event and mass cycle from Belfast City Hall to Comber on Sunday 2nd August. They are assembling outside Belfast City Hall at 11am, with a number of local councillors present. Even if you cannot make the cycle afterwards, come along to the City Hall to show your support.

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