Inland Fisheries Ireland staff become Leave No Trace Trainers.

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6 members from the Education and Outreach team from Inland Fisheries Ireland recently took part in the Leave No Trace Trainer Course. The 2 day  Trainer course follows on from their initial Certified Awareness Training and they are now in a position to teach others about the importance of Leave No Trace.

Leave No Trace Ireland promotes and inspires responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships. Public education and awareness of minimal impact skills through the Leave No Trace Skills and Ethics programme can prevent considerable damage in the future. Educated local communities can minimise their day-to-day impacts. Visitors will learn to reduce their cumulative impacts so as not to diminish the integrity of the local cultural and natural heritage. Research shows that people who learn about Leave No Trace change their behaviour in the outdoors and are highly likely to share their knowledge with peers.

Leave No Trace Ireland welcomes our newest trainers and look forward to working together in the future to continue to spread the message of minimising impacts n the environment while recreating.