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The IMPRINT+ project

The IMPRINT+ project, which is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, promotes an environmentally friendly lifestyle by empowering young people to become active in protecting their environment and changing it for the better. The goal is to make them understand that leaving a positive footprint on the planet is essential for everyone. The project takes an inclusive approach involving local communities, schools and authorities and encouraging them to understand the power they have to make a big difference by making small changes.


Great things have been achieved over the last three years in which the project has been successfully implemented. These are the final months of the IMPRINT+ project, but one big event is still on the project’s agenda: the IMPRINT+ conference.


Final conference in Aveiro, Portugal

This international conference will take place in charming Aveiro, Portugal, on 30 May 2018. It will be a diverse event with guests from all over Europe who will have a chance to listen to speakers from Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Austria and find out more about the IMPRINT+ project itself as well as about sustainability, environmental ethics, and project work in general. The conference is open to anyone and can be attended at no charge; prospective attendees are simply asked to register at:


Student events

Over the course of the project, several training courses for students from four different regions were held in the partner countries. The events were always attended by many enthusiastic young European citizens who were excited to participate in environmental offset actions (e.g. pond building), course work and fun activities such as water testing, teaching them how to reduce their ecological footprint. The latest of these events took place in March 2018 in Westport, Ireland and the participating students had great things to say about their experiences on the Emerald Isle:

“I liked the water task where we learned about all the different species and had a chance to examine them.”

“I liked the field aspects and the trainers were very interactive and brilliant.”

“The outdoor activities were interesting and really put what we learned into perspective.”

“The practical work was the best: walking around in the woods, observing habitats etc. and testing the water quality.”

“I enjoyed learning about the environment and realising that I can make a difference.”



Tutorial for young entrepreneurship in a green economy

The latest publication of the IMPRINT+ project was recently completed and is now available online in English, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The tutorial is a practical handbook with guidelines and ideas for young citizens who want to become entrepreneurs or start-up founders in a green economy. In addition to covering various aspects which future entrepreneurs have to consider, it also features a number of new businesses already working successfully in the green economy. The handbook document can be downloaded free of charge from the IMPRINT+ website:




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