IMPRINT+ A new innovative project combining science, IT and nature conservation from Leave No Trace Ireland

Leave No Trace Ireland is about encouraging responsible enjoyment of our natural environment. The programme encourages people of all ages to take responsibility for their impact on the environment and other people, and introduces techniques that will help reduce those impacts.

What is IMPRINT+?

IMPRINT+ is an international project that aims to raise awareness around ecological restoration. This is based on inspiring change within local communities through active participation, empowerment and entrepreneurship of young European students.

The project’s mission is that each student will learn to understand their ecological footprint. Once the ecological footprint is measured, student’s will analyse how their carbon footprint can be compensated for ecological, social and economic balance. It is through this learning, that they will take action to change their behaviour and in turn make their negative impact into a positive one  – leaving a positive imprint!

Leave No Trace Ireland trainers are coordinating IMPRINT+, which includes a new syllabus for trainers and tutors with new educational resources,  IT applications including a website and app, Training events and workshops for students. This will provide a fun and engaging way to learn about the Leave No Trace Ireland message and how they can leave a positive imprint on the environment.  

Maura Lyons, Manager of Leave No Trace Ireland welcomed the development of the new educational programme for students. “We have had a great response from the European schools for the IMPRINT+  programme and are delighted to bring this programme to Ireland in 2017.  The new IT app coupled with the educational workshops and events puts the negative messaging on carbon footprint into a very real context for pupils to take action. The IMPRINT+ programme of caring for nature is a great opportunity for students to learn how they can put their new learning’s into practice in a positive way locally and leave a positive imprint”

How does it work?

The project’s methodology includes training of students and educators across Europe with funny educational games/ecological competitions that anyone may participate in. Check out our course, tutorials and app!

For who?

  • Students in secondary schools
  • Teachers 
  • General public;
  • Non-government environmental organizations;
  • Local Authorities
  • Other organisations and community groups.

How to participate?

Participation is free and you can do it as an individual or a group (e.g. a class, scouts group). Create an account on the IMPRINT+ App and start to compensate your individual environmental impact!

Visit for more details. Read the most recent newsletter here.