How to use the Leave No Trace when visiting your local Parks!

The Seven Principles are grounded in science.  Leave No Trace Ireland  strives to create a framework that can help anyone get outside and enjoy their world responsibly.

Here are some tips to enjoy the parks and Leave No Trace while visiting:



#1 – Plan Ahead and Prepare

Check access, can you camp? Do you have permission?, is their access to use a water or access a trail? 

Check the season access and road on AA route planner, is their construction or any expeceted?

Check the weather during your entire stay.  



#2 – Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

Stick to the trails when hiking, biking and however else you enjoy the outdoors.

Use a map.

Can you use public transportation or carpool to reduce congestion?



#3 – Dispose of Waste Properly

What are the rules associated with trash? Do you need to pack everything out? Are there trash cans available? 

Are there bear boxes and are you allowed to leave trash or food in your car?



#4 – Leave What you Find

Learn about the native species in Ireland you are visiting and if there are any non-natives in the area causing damage. Is there anything you can do to help, liking brushing off your shoes or bike tires? 



#5 – Minimise Campfire Impacts

How will you be cooking your meals? Will you use a stove or open flame?

If you are making a campfire are you prepared to put it out? 



#6 – Respect Wildlife and farm animals

What types of wildlife live in the areas you will be visiting?

Remember to check if you can bring your dog. If you do, remember to keep your dog on a leash.

Please don’t feed the animals.



#7 – Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Check the local rules and regulations of the park?

We are all outside to enjoy the outdoors, even though we have different activities to enjoy the outdoors we are all there for the same reason and it is important to respect that.