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This Earth Day, we wanted to do things a little differently. With the world tuning into climate change and wanting to lead a more sustainable, naturedriven lifestyle, we wanted to take the opportunity to catch up with some of our favourite Irish individuals that live by the Leave No Trace ethos. Two such humans are David and Stephen Flynn of The Happy Pear. 

The Happy Pear started way back in 2004 with a tiny shop in Greystones. Now, it’s a household name consisting of four cafes, 40 products, six online courses, four cookbooks, a farm, a roastery, hundreds of employees and a community of over one million people living healthierThey’re certainly well on their way to achieving their mission to, “help everyone to get healthier and be happier!. They’ve built not just a community around their brand but a whole lifestyle. 

The twins are two people who work regularly to live by the Leave No Trace ethos. “I think it is a work in progress, it’s something that we do our best with. When we first started the business, our van used to run on reused rapeseed oil. Electricity was from renewable sources. We always used compostable packaging. And even within the business, just by eating a plantbased diet has a massive effect. One thing we are doing recently is we started a farm. So, the plan is to start growing with a no till method of organic farming and to hopefully set up a system with which we can teach other people who want to do the same. We’re pretty excited about that.

I think the nature of human existence is community and together we’re a lot stronger, we’re a lot better and I think that’s something that we’re starting to work a lot more on.”

The beautiful community that has grown around their brand is one of their secrets to success. And they are aware of the vital role it plays in harnessing change, “I think the nature of human existence is community and together we’re a lot stronger, we’re a lot better and I think that’s something that we’re starting to work a lot more on. To bring that conversation around the environment in a supportive, collaborative and unjudgmental way. Because that can often be unempowering when it’s judgmental and you can never do enough, so I think that we all need to come together and just take baby steps. 

The theme of this year’s Earth Day is ‘Restore Our Planet,’ it’s a poignant choice that can either fill one with eco-anxiety or staunch determination. From where The Happy Pair duo are standing, there’s hope for the future of our planet. “I think the very nature of human existence is hopeful. There’s life, it’s a celebration, it’s an opportunity. I think often creativity works best when there’s a boundary to push against. This is a huge boundary with which we are to overcome, the boundary of the climate crisis. And that’s something we all need to come together, first to bring it more to the fore as part of the principal conversation to be had, and second, to work together to come up with solutions. 

There are undoubtedly huge problems to overcome, but we must believe that working together we can overcome them. As for Earth Day, David and Stephen plan to spend it the same as every other day, kicking it off with a sunrise swim, training and meditation, brekkie with the family and a good honest days work! 

Check out The Happy Pear’s website or follow them on Instagram and Facebook to find out more. 

By following the Leave No Trace Principles, you too can make a difference to “restore our Earth” this Earth Day.

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