Destination Westport

The  Westport Smarter Travel, “Operation Transportation”, has been a really enjoyable challenge to making the journey to work more enjoyable. As an organisation lead by values, including positive behavior, sustainability and protection of Ireland’s natural environment, I believe it is integral to “practice as you preach” . When Westport Town Council, approached us to join their Operation Transportation team, I was immediately enthusiastic and motivated by the challenge to be more sustainable.  How will we travel? Walk, cycle or carpool? When can we make changes? What would the consequence be?

Throughout the challenge, I have travelled to Dublin on a weekly basis. Luckily, Westport train station has a direct route to Dublin so I decided to commit to travelling by train only. I was able to schedule all meetings around Hueston, the Luas and Dublin Bikes. The early bird catches the worm and although the alarm clock goes off notably earlier,  the benefits outweigh the cons.  Over the 3 weeks of operation trainsportation, I have had a much more positive and sustainable journey to work.  During the journey, I have time to rest, catch up on work or simply read. I hear the early birdsong, see early sunsets and even read the news before work. Another great plus is the the scenery of the Westport Dublin route. Instead of driving over the sights, train travel allows me to see beautiful countryside, lakes and rivers.

Next week Fionn and I are cycling to work and have booked onto the bike buffet!



Maura Lyons

Leave No Trace Ireland