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The Leave No Trace Ireland volunteering programme is a great opportunity for companies to make a tangible and immediate improvement to our
environment as well helping local communities. Leave No Trace Ireland provide a volunteering programme which is a fantastic team building and

personal development opportunity for employees outside of the normal working environment. Currently, in 2018, we had over 150 businesses registered with Leave No Trace Ireland around the country, helping to work with the communities to make a practical and positive impact on the environment.

Leave No Trace Ireland helps business groups in a variety of ways, in particular – to link with local Leave No Trace Ireland community groups, to provide
facilitated action days for employees, identify particular community projects to engage with, educate employees on the environment. One business group
who has shown outstanding community engagement is nominated in the annual, most devoted to the environment awards. Recently we have worked with supported Google, Deloitte, Gas Networks Ireland and Axa on CSR programmes.

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Photo: Recent Google Group in a woodland clean up in Dublin.