CASTING FOR PARTICIPANTS: New RTEjr Show Looking for Enthusiastic Kids

GMarshTV is looking for enthusiastic kids, aged between 6 and 11 who love the outdoors, to take part in a new RTEjr series. Think Bear Grylls but for kids!

Award-winning production company GMarshTV is looking for children who love the outdoors. We are casting for groups of three kids, between the ages of six and 11 from the same family or extended family to take part in a brand new outdoors adventure series for RTEjr.

Our Bush Kids presenter will take you out to camp and survive in the wild, Teach you how to survive find the best campsites read the weather, foraging for food building shelters, lighting fires and cooking on the camp fire.

We will be digging latrines, lugging firewood finding the best campsite and sleeping under the stars. We will wash in streams, try to catch our dinner, discover nature, sleep under the stars and have lots of fun.

Three siblings or extended family members aged between 6 and11, accompanied by one parent/guardian per group, will spend three days two nights in the wild. Four different family teams will each take on different habitats, including forests and rivers, the mountains and boglands, and the beaches and islands.

Filming will take place over four days and each group will take on one of the habitats.

  • One parent/guardian of the participants will accompany the kids throughout filming but will not be the focus of the show, although they will appear on-screen at times helping with firewood and heavy duties and around the fire.
  • The production company will also provide a chaperone who will be assigned to the group.
  • Each group will comprise three kids ideally from the same family spanning between ages 6 and 11.
  • We will be working within the covid rules to ensure the safety of everyone
  • A strict child protection policy will also be in place in line with the industry standards

Closing Date to apply is Friday May 14th at 12pm

Audition Requirements

Those interested in taking part, please:

  • Record a 2 to 3-min video featuring the three kids, telling us about themselves and why they would love to take part in Bush Kids. We are looking for enthusiastic children who enjoy taking part in new activities and who will be comfortable in front of the camera.
  • You could film an outdoor activity that you enjoy doing explaining what you do and why you like it.
  • Send a group photo of all three together.
  • Make sure to include their names, ages and addresses.

Send your video, photo and participant details to [email protected]. If you are having difficulty sending the video via email, please send it via WeTransfer.

Casting Call