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Disposing of litter correctly has become vitally important – as a pro-active approach to reducing our carbon footprint, and as a way of keeping our public amenities and the great outdoors welcoming for everyone. The increasing volume of littering and disregard of wildlife and small animals is having a profound effect on our environment.


Recently councils and local authorities have acted to address the growing concerns over the condition of our country’s environment. Many have introduced the BriteBinTM , an innovative solar compacting litter solution to both urban and rural areas. The BriteBinTM allows councils, park and local authorities to improve the efficiencies of litter collections by equipping public amenities and streets with sufficient waste management resources.


The BriteBinTM has many benefits; it holds up to ten times the volume of a standard street bin thanks to its on-board sensor and compaction system. The BriteBin™ technology and data management dashboard provides visibility of real time fill-levels across the bin fleet. By reducing the volume of waste, the BriteBinTM reduces the volume of single use plastic and the number of collections required. Therefore, this lowers carbon emissions and enhances the environment. The nature of the sealed unit stops animals rummaging or the wind blowing overflowing bins contents around public amenities, this protects the natural wildlife and inhabitants of the area.


The BriteBinTM is an Irish manufactured waste management solution by PEL. The company is highly passionate about reducing the country’s carbon footprint on the environment. The BriteBinTM aims to promote a healthier and more sustainable Ireland for now and to secure a greener future.  By being more pro-active in your approach waste disposal and #britebinyourlitter you can contribute to protecting the environment for everyone to enjoy.

We at Leave No Trace are delighted to see such innovations and developments occurring within waste management. One of our primary principles is dedicated to Disposing of Waste Properly. When facilities like the above exist, disposing of waste properly can happen at any moment of an outing.

Where bins or waste management systems are not available, we promote the concept of “pack it in – pack it out”, meaning that whatever we bring out our front door, we bring home again. This keeps all environments litter free and as they should be!