Big Beach Clean – Clean Coasts

The Big Beach Clean 2022

16th – 18th of September 2022

The Big Beach Clean is an annual call-to-action organised by Clean Coasts, calling people all around Ireland to host a beach clean and take part in a worldwide citizen science project as part of Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup, by simply recording the marine litter they collect to help shape future policies and campaigns to help protect our ocean. 

This big beach clean day helps to heighten awareness about the issue of marine litter, and serves as an indicator of the magnitude of the problem and help shape future policies and campaigns.

Reasons to join go beyond the environmental side of the initiative, and everybody in the community would benefit from taking part – our ocean supports livelihood and businesses, it feeds billions of people, it offers a playground for people engaged in water sports and inspiration for artists, it helps our mental health, and much more. 

Registration is open to all residents of Ireland, no matter how far from the coast they may be based.  Getting involved in the Big Beach Clean is a way for residents of non-coastal counties to help prevent litter entering our waterways and seas by holding a clean-up no matter where they are in the country and tackling the problem at source.

Clean Coasts launch the 2022 Big Beach Clean, sponsored by Cully and Sully. Left to right – Elaine Doyle – Clean Coasts Campaigns Officer, Colum O’Sullivan – Founder of Cully & Sully and Cullen Allen – Founder of Cully & Sully. Photos: Cathal Noonan

Some of the frequently asked questions include …

Can I join an existing clean-up?

Yes! Closer to the date, Clean Coasts Ireland will be releasing a map of public events around the country that you can join. As well as that – we at Leave No Trace Ireland are running our own event! Join us on Friday 16th of Sept, 2pm, The Point, Westport.

How can I get involved in the citizen science project?

Can I join if I’m not based on the coast?

Yes! Litter from towns and cities very often makes its way to our ocean, carried by the wind, waterways, sewage systems, and more. No matter how far from the coast, your clean up will help tackle marine litter at its source.

What can I expect in my beach clean kit?

Marine Litter Data Collection Card

During the Big Beach Clean, Clean Coasts volunteers are asked to be part of an excellent round the world citizen science data collection project and to carry out marine litter surveys to quantify the amount and types of litter on Irish beaches. These surveys are aimed at heightening awareness about the issue of marine litter and serve as an indicator of the magnitude of the problem. We also encouraged our groups to use the Clean Swell App by Ocean Conservancy.

This year, Clean Coasts are hosting a series of events, where you will find a Clean Coasts officer that will help you collect information about marine litter. Make sure to check their website and social media as we get close to the dates!

To learn more, check out the Clean Coasts Website.
Join us on Friday 16th of Sept, 2pm, The Point, Westport.

Click here to register your beach cleaning event, and get a free beach cleaning kit!
Once you’ve completed your event, you can submit your big beach clean data online here.