Awareness Session with the Irish Girl Guides

Over thirty Girl Guide and Brownie Leaders from the Northwest region attending a conference in Sligo on 6th October 2007 participated in a two hour Leave No Trace Awareness Session given by Leonard Floyd (a trainer of Leave No Trace). Under instruction to keep the session active and participatory, the usual powerpoint presentation was dropped with only an introductory DVD shown to give a background to the Leave No Trace concept. The session combined an ethical discussion based on the ethics game, a before and after group-work exercise on trip planning and an outdoor session demonstrating practical techniques. Before the event each of the Leaders had received a copy of the Leave no Trace information booklet and were therefore already well versed in environmental conscious practices. Nevertheless, judging from the course’s feedback, all appeared to have benefited from the new perspective. It is hoped that the Leaders attending the session will now, through a full day workshop or trainer weekend, pass on the
message to their brownie and guide pack.