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Promoting the Principles of Leave No Trace when developing a trail:

Leave No Trace Ireland partners with a number of State Agencies and outdoor recreation groups with the aim of promoting responsible use of Ireland’s natural environment. Leave No Trace Ireland’s educational programme empowers recreational users to take ownership of the impacts their activities have on Ireland’s natural environment and other people. 

The Leave No Trace principles can be used to encourage trail users to minimise their impact on the heritage and the environment but can also provide some guidance to trail developers when planning new recreational trails developments. In the early stages of planning trail developers should become familiar with Leave No Trace Ireland, the Principles and educational message.

In addition to promoting the seven basic principles, trail developers may wish to emphasise a particular message or requirement that relates to their trail to trail users. For example, trail developers may not permit dogs or may require dog walkers to keep their dogs on a leash at all times while on a trail, certain trails may only permit camping and camping in designated sites along a trail or not at all. Any local requirements for a trail should be clearly highlighted on trail head information boards, ontrail notices along a trail and in print and online promotional material.

Trail developers could also consider:

• Reading the Leave No Trace Skills & Ethics booklet

• Inviting a Leave No Trace instructor to help with your trail planning

• Including a Leave No Trace Awareness session as part of the activities to launch your trail

• Becoming a partner in Leave No Trace Ireland

• Providing feedback from your trail to help in the development of the Leave No Trace educational programme