Leave No Trace Ireland and Inland Fisheries Ireland Team Up to Launch New Angling Checklist

Leave No Trace Ireland is teaming up with Inland Fisheries Ireland to launch a new checklist, highlighting the ten things that every angler should consider when planning a fishing trip.

According to a recent survey, around 327,000 people in Ireland love to fish; anglers are our important stewards over lakes, rivers and coastlines, helping to safeguard our precious fisheries resource for future generations to enjoy.

The key message from Leave No Trace Ireland and Inland Fisheries Ireland this year is “The Outdoors Is Yours – Protect It.”

The new checklist includes advice for both novice and advanced anglers, such as don’t forget to wear a personal floatation device, move carefully around sensitive habitats to avoid disturbing wildlife and clean equipment and clothing after a trip to stop the spread of invasive species.

Angling Checklist

The new checklist is available for download here.

Angling Guide

Earlier this year, Inland Fisheries Ireland and Leave No Trace Ireland launched a comprehensive guide for responsible outdoor recreation for anglers to advise them on how they can minimise the impact their fishing trip can have on the environment.

It includes the 7 principles of Leave No Trace Ireland. The guide is available here and on the Inland Fisheries Ireland website here.

For more information and tips on angling in Ireland, please visit: www.fishinginireland.info.

Angling Checklist